Founded in 1993

Alca Avionics Inc.

FAA Repair Station L3CR595J
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About the Company

Founded in 1993, Alca Avionics Inc. has become the leader in the avionics market in South Florida by supporting and developing technology projects using the next-generation avionics systems.

We are a technology-driven company that will provide a broad range of products and integrated solutions using state-of-the-art avionics systems and innovative products to improve safety, efficiency, and competitiveness to the general and business aviation industry.


+10 STEMS Professionals

+25 years of services in the region

+8 countries supported

Smart Maintenance

We improve maintenance standards and customer experience using 5th generation concepts for MRO across the maintenance value chain.

Supply Chain

We improve our manufacturing and distribution processes with one of the world’s leading avionics manufacturers to support new product innovations and creative service models.

Systems Integration

We support and develop state-of-the-art technology projects using the next-generation avionics systems with the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Avionics in the Cloud

We design, develop, and implement an innovative group-wide software system for autonomic aircraft control, maintenance, and logistics.

What we do

We improve the processes to support disruptive innovation models and market creation. We design, develop and implement a cutting-edge group-wide of products and software systems to achieve the most efficient operations for the aviation industry.


The best flying experience; A new lifestyle. Your aircraft in your pocket.


A robust culture of innovation and R&D.

Smart Finance

Our mathematical models at your service.

Our History

Everything we do aims to make your flight extremely exciting; that’s happening since the very first day ‘til now. We promise to continue doing it for you!

Alca Avionics Inc becomes your best partner to provide an outstanding flying experience and design your new lifestyle.

Our Vision

In 2025, Alca Avionics Inc becomes a virtuoso in Smart Operations Management for the Air Transport Industry and transforms itself into a 5.0 Digital Enterprise.

Alca Avionics Inc is the preferred Cutting-Edge End-to-End integrated solutions provider for the aviation industry.

When passion meets purpose!

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