Our Value proposition

Aircraft control and low cost of ownership

A data-driven cloud computing solution that allows the owner to access any time, any place its aircraft-data while is optimizing the total cost of ownership.


Your black-box in the cloud solution that monitors the performance and condition of the aircraft during normal operation to reduce the likelihood of failures and extra-costs. Make the eco-system visible for the everybody so the best decision is made whatever the circumstances .

Accessibility to new technology

Our solution offers all type of avionics equipment through a vary models of financial programs and discounts designed to suite any operator on a win-win basis

Passive Incomes

Our solution explore and design relationships and the exchange of values between our clients and the different stakeholders. Through a smart redistribution of data-monetization our solution will always pay you for your data.

Customer relationships

Automation. Our technology is performed with minimal human assistance.

Permanent co-creation value. Economy of Access and Output Economy strategies, we’ll bring different parties together in order to produce awesome outputs.   

Long-Term contracts with government and private operators through a new intelligent financial solution.   

Innovation, disruptive products aimed at increasing availability, safety, passive incomes, and flying experience while decreasing cost of ownership. 

Secure and trustworthy transactions. Permanent visibility and data returns indicators.

Exclusivity through customers tailored solutions. Platform integration with existing solutions.

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