Avionics Producs


Aircraft Harnesses

Electrical Wiring SystemNew Cable and Connectors Design to Keep All the Systems Working Properly and Reliable.Wiring Systems and Connectors for Modernizations

Avionics Panel

Panel for Avionics Modernization Avionics Panel Designed and Manufactured in Aluminum to Reduce the Pilot Workload. Panel Design for the New Avionics Kits
Avionics Producs

The Cooper's Kit

Avionics Kit for Single Engine Aircraft - IFREquipment includes: Garmin Dual G5, GPS 175, GNC 255 Nav/Com, and GFC 500 2 Axis Autopilot
Avionics Producs

The Northern Harrier Kit

Avionics Kit for Single and Twin Engine Aircraft - IFREquipment: Garmin Dual G5, GPS 175, GNC 255 Nav/Com, GFC 500 2 Axis Autopilot, New Pilot Panel, and GTX 335
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